First CP6 £645M Major Deal is Done

The first major contracts for CP6 (Control Period 6) have been awarded by Network Rail. Their combined deal, announced via Rail Technology Magazine, is worth a staggering £645M. However, this is just a small dent in the entire investment which has now been raised to £48bn by the DfT.

The Lowdown on Network Rail’s Deal

Renewals and enhancement work in Scotland which accounts for £135m has been awarded to Story Contracting as they won their bid for ‘Lot 2’

‘Lot 3’ was valued at a higher figure of £190m to deliver work on the London North East route. This lot was given to AmcoGiffen.

The most significant of the deal, worth a staggering £320m, entailed work in the Scotland and North East (SNE) renewals and enhancement programme. The winning bidder is yet to be announced and will be named later this year.

SNE Director Speaks Up

The regional director of SNE, Kris Kinnear, made a statement about the deal. Here is the entire dialogue: “Our CP6 contracts provide suppliers with substantial work-banks and opportunity to be part of delivering essential improvements that will help shape the future of Britain’s rail network”

“Work to renew our infrastructure is increasingly important to improve reliability for our passengers and we look forward to working closely with Story and AmcoGiffen to deliver this.”

“Significant five-year contracts not only benefit our key supply chain partners, but the thousands of companies who work for them too, providing them with the surety they need to invest in their people, innovation and value for money.”

Story Contracting Says

The director of Story Contracting, Jon MacArthur, who will be overseeing the work set for Lot 2, stated: “I am absolutely delighted to win this contract which reflects the collaborative working relationships we have been building with Network Rail and other key clients in Scotland.”

AmcoGiffen’s Andries Liebenberg

Similarly, Lot 3 winner, Andries Liebenberg expressed his gratification, “We are delighted to have been appointed in partnership with Network Rail, delivering this programme of significant rail infrastructure investment. Providing substantial benefits to the travelling public, this framework award is a testament to our long-standing relationship.”

Dive into Future CP6 Deals

Want to get involved in the CP6 action?

Long-term contracts are currently being tendered to commence in April 2019. This five-year period will provide long-lasting relationships and transformational work for British rail.

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Published: 6th December 2018