Bradford Interchange Takes a Break

The interchange station at Bradford is set for a temporary closure next month beginning Saturday, October 20th. Over the three-day period, bus replacement services will be available covering the Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax and Accrington areas that are affected by the works.

As part of the Great North Rail Project, the closure is due to a changeover of signalling with the removal of the Mill Lane signal box, where signalling duties will be transferred to the Rail Operating Centre in York, in favour of the new, state-of-the-art development.

A Significant Change

Network rail claim that in exchange for the temporary disruption caused by the works the upgrades are expected to catapult the signalling ability to modern, cost-effective solutions with greater reliability of services. In short, the brief annoyance will produce long-term satisfaction for passengers.

Rob McIntosh, route managing director for Network rail defended, “the signalling system in this part of West Yorkshire is approaching the end of its operational life and this investment will increase reliability, thereby reducing delays, while cutting the cost of running the railway for the taxpayer.”

The work is set to be a significant change to Bradford’s railway signalling system comparing to the replacement of Bradford Exchange when Bradford Interchange became the dominant spot in 1973. Already this year in May, Bradford installed two new ‘points’ allowing northbound journeys to cross over, resulting in another temporary closure.

Part of the Future

This sub-task is part of the rail network overhaul in West Yorkshire, a multi-million-pound investment scheme, which will ultimately deliver 243 refurbished trains with both practical and digital advancements. The added comfortability and convenience of the enhanced seating with USB ports and free WiFi represents the vision for all future trains in the UK.

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Published: 29th September 2018