Making Derby's Model Station

Back in August, Rail Engineer reported on the plans for Derby's £198 million-pound project to re-model and re-signal Derby station. David Bickell shared in his article "79 days at Derby in 2018" that the development, managed by Network Rail's Project Director Chris Hannah, will "be undertaken during a 79 day' partial clo

Now that the remodelling is underway with a considerable amount of construction complete, Millian takes a look at the redevelopment’s origin, progress and future.

An Outdated System

Demand for a new layout was largely initiated through the introduction of High Speed Trains (HSTs) in the eighties on the Midland Main line which meant that the previous signalling system created as an appropriate layout in 1969 no longer supported trains travelling above 15mph.

Earlier this year the work was outlined as primarily track and signal renewals including the removal of bay platform 5 with the added benefit of increased capacity for HS2 journeys to the East Midlands. The original construction timeline marked day 44 (September 2) as the second phase in which the station should become a temporary terminus from South and West with no trains to the North whilst the remodelling and re-control takes place north of Derby.

Present Progress and Plans

Most recently, Rail Engineer’s Peter Stanton reported the current progress as positive, describing the timescale requirements as “exacting”. The future plan for the new platform is to replace the removal of platform 5 with an island format where only one side is designated for commercial passenger usage.

Galliford Try, a construction company with a background in bridge reconstruction was brought on board in 2017 to undertake a significant portion of the station work due to the physical scope of the platform - with 70 per cent of the platform covered by a steel canopy structure.

So far, the project is set to be completed without delay with the help of the Galliford Try and their relevant infrastructure experience. The project is also set to install two new lifts and three new buildings including a first-class lounge, a new staff building and a retail unit. The cost for this ambitious remodel is shared between renewal funding and Department for Transport enhancement investment.

As with many other major developments we have shared in our newsletters, the project sponsor for Derby’s remodelling, Kevin Newman said when evaluating the progress, above all collaboration is most important “with the whole railway working together to ensure success”.

Bringing Rail Together

At Millian, we are dedicated to bringing rail together through our industry targeted events. Our next event is the celebration of the CP6 Launch on March 14th where over 300 professionals will come together to discuss the next five-year period in rail.

Published: 29th September 2018