Merseyrail Network Leads 2020 Rail

Network Rail's ambitious vision of future transport is yet again topic for discussion as they announced earlier this week the platform upgrades which are part of the phased two-year programme towards state of the art trains for 2020 transport. This will result in the enhanced system that will provide safer trains with the ability to carry up to 50%

A Sliding Start

The schedule will span across two years, beginning from October 2018 with the eventual finale in June 2019. Merseyrail hopes this staggered strategy will produce a functional system for the new sliding step technology.

Aimed at greater accessibility for all, the pioneering approach will offer unassisted access for wheelchair users and easy transportation of bicycles and prams from platform to train. Starting with the upgrade of existing platforms, the programme will attempt to realign the track to ensure compatibility with the new groundbreaking technology.

Maximum Impact, Minimum Interference

Throughout the period, transport leaders have worked to ensure minimal disruption to services breaking the scheme of work into 11 phases with a closure duration of between 9 and 30 days. What is set to be an advancement for all users has been calculated to cause the least interference to passengers by using high-quality rail replacement buses for the affected express services.

Andy Heath, Managing Director at Merseyrail commented on their customer-centric efforts, “a lot of work has gone into minimising disruption as much as possible” adding “our staff will be available to help keep everyone moving”.

A United Effort

Merseytravel, Merseyrail and Network Rail have worked collaboratively on this project with additional insights from district councils and key city region partners. This integrated effort will ensure the programme will meet its desired timeline avoiding other engineering works and major events.

With a full support network behind the scheme, each phase will be communicated in advance with detailed information for industry professionals and travellers to encourage prior planning and consideration of alternative travel options such as the Mersey Ferries.

Merseytravel’s Head of Rail is passionate about this project, stating “the new trains will transform how we travel and this project is about making it happen”.

The Robotic Revolution

Millian is covering the latest technology news in rail as we prepare for how the digital era will transform the Victorian railway which has become an integral part of daily life servicing around 1.7 billion journeys per year.

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Published: 29th September 2018