The Latest in Rail Tech

Dodging Delays Just last week, Rail Minister Jo Johnson and Delivery Group Chief Executive, Paul Plummer announced new plans surrounding the use of more real-time data which will be linked to the development of intelligent travel apps.

The project is aimed at the benefit of passengers, creating an accurate system for service and delay updates. Additionally, the use of mass data will allow rail companies to predict issues to provide an increasingly reliable railway.

The Digital Era

This is yet another example of how rail is seeking partnerships with tech firms to modernise the transport system. Along with major plans to digitalise train services and smaller implementations such as drone tests, rail is revolutionising the pace in UK services to use technology for expansion.

Paul Plummer represents this industry shift by stating, “technology gave rise to the railway, connecting Britain, and the rail industry wants to channel this spirit” whilst also commenting that technology will be used “to give customers more and more control.”

What’s Next?

At the start of the project the existing data that the industry has already made available will be used; however, further effort to collect specific data about carriages and services will be made to enable operators to more accurately communicate on board facilities and convenient routes for users.

With information at its core, the industry will attempt to enforce standardisation of how data is collected, stored and published to distinguish which data is commercially sensitive and which data is relevant for different purposes.

What Does This Mean for You?

As a rail professional, the way in which the leading bodies propose to use technology is important, influencing where funding is allocated. Whilst these efforts are made to improve the customer experience, the impact it will also make for those working in rail is huge.

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Published: 29th September 2018