Why Traditional Networking Matters

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is often viewed as a convenient alternative to conventional deal making. However, in the new age of professional networking, many businesses run the risk of forgetting the value of simple conversation.

Although generating relationships in a virtual space is trending, the ability to nurture those leads comes from traditional networking found at our rail specific events.

As the leading networking events provider in rail, we believe in utilising all types of communication as part of an integrated strategy. In this sense, we use technology to facilitate business partnerships and not replace it.

Finding the Balance

Next year we are running six industry events designed to create lasting partnerships for those in rail including our upcoming CP6 Launch which will bring together over 300 professionals. The launch of the next Network Rail control period (CP6) marks the beginning of the five-year scheme which will see a £42m investment in contracts.

This is a great time to scope out prospects in the digital sphere, however, the opportunity to connect with those on a personal level is invaluable for effective networking.

Our last few newsletters have been focused on the digitalisation of rail and the importance that technology plays in the contemporary world. This is apparent in modern networking too — but, we should all strive to find the balance between generating leads online and closing deals in the company of others. Despite the advancement in technology which has accelerated the ever-international business world, the value of face to face contact will never diminish.

An Opportunity to Connect

At Millian, we celebrate the ability to host the leading figures in rail and enable genuine industry relationships. Our events are crafted with you in mind, as we embrace a better-connected era with people at its forefront.

Our next event in March is now available to book with tables for up to ten people. You can use our online booking form to commit to connecting with others today.

Published: 29th September 2018