The Hidden Benefits of Becoming an Exhibitor

Are you a market leader looking to make an impact or managing a tight budget? Our Exhibition Events are right the choice for you. Conventions are known for their high upfront fee but we believe the initial investment to trade eliminates other unforeseen costs. By seeing the true value of these events, you can save on two departments that are crucial to

Where Can You Expect to Save?


Trade shows are an opportunity to improve your brand visibility, communicating directly to a targeted audience. Our events are FREE to rail professionals which guarantees a high attendance of relevant contacts and potential customers.

The hive of promotional activity on the day means that you can often receive additional exposure through social media and press which you haven’t accounted for in your marketing budget.

If you commit to planning ahead and making the most of your involvement, this is an opportunity to generate individual business leads. This can save on the annual cost of visiting partners, suppliers and clients separately. Meeting figureheads and building a customer database is a laborious task which can now be done out of the office.

Market Research

With a strategic approach, you can gain much more than just participating in the event. This is an opportunity to see first-hand how your competitors interact with their customers and what draws the largest crowd.

Exhibitions often give insight on key industry trends through demonstrations of new products, services, technology and equipment which could affect or enhance your business model.

Whatever you are trying to determine, research is costly to perform. Looking at the room with a discerning eye will give you a greater perception of branding, market growth and your position in the industry all-inclusive of your exhibition cost.

Becoming an Exhibitor

You can already book your space for the first of our three Exhibition Events next year in May. Our exclusive sponsor MECX Group is an industry leader, providing a variation of services from Asset Management to Electrification.

Millian Events is the top source for rail specific events, providing you with continual opportunity for effective networking. You can view our latest events online.

Published: 29th September 2018