The Time is Now for Liverpool…

A station which, according to the BBC, claims to be "at one end of the world's first true public railway" is revealing its transformation.

After eight weeks of improvement works and an investment of £140 m, the historic station, which is one of the busiest in the UK, has dramatically increased its capacity by up to three trains per hour.

The public have faced disruption over the last two months during the redevelopment process. However, as a result, the station now hosts an extra platform and enhanced walkways. Much of the work has been geared towards, as Sean Hyland of Network Rail describes, the appearance of an international station as “it feels more grand”.

Hyland continues to talk about the “change of sense in the place” commenting that “it’s got a grandeur that it didn’t have before” with “wider platforms that naturally give you that feeling”. The additional services made possible by the redevelopment will include new direct services to Scotland, to add to its existing cross-country routes.

A key statistic for its growth is the 68% increase in the size of the new platform five, which Fergal Kiernan from the Buckingham group commented, is “now very fit for purpose” exhibiting “a really good-looking platform”.

Published: 30th July 2018